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Cell Base is a Leading Value Recycler with the vision of making sustainability easy. We are committed to reducing electronic waste globally by driving sustainable business growth through innovation, empowerment and ethics. We take great pride in our corporate responsibility operations and aim to encourage high standards within our operations and across our supply chain. We act honestly and with integrity to ensure our customers have confidence in the Cell Base brand.



At Cell Base our foundations are based on trust, reliability and transparency. we have more than 60 years of experience collectively and continue to grown. Our team comes from 12 different countries speaking more than 18 languages.


Setting the “Bench-Mark” for our competitors. With the state of the art equipment with talent that is flawless we produce the highest quality products. Leading to have one of the lowest returns ration in the industry.


Our Commitment is to help all our clients with the latest information to market trends and prices. Knowing our market we ensure that all our products are worthy and competitive. Leading to increasing market share and success to our valuable pertners.


With Increasing orders and quantities Cell Base is constantly investing in new technology to provide that most efficient results. As our inventory increases we continue thriving for excellence in quality and be able to produce top results.


Working as partners require a lot of peace of mind and trust. Our operations are constantly providing relevant information to all our partners. Cell-Base has industry certifications to ensure the quality of work and management  systems.


Cell-Base is Constantly working around the clock to reduce any environmental impact. Taken in Measure to use only recyclable materials for logistics and sending all waste to local authorities leaving a 0% wastage. We believe in a much greener future for everyone!

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