About Us

About us

Cell Base is a leading global provider of recycling and recommerce solution

Cell Base is a leading re-commerce supplier with the vision of making sustainability easy. We enable our customers to redeem the value of used electronics by extending their lifespan. Our value-adding solutions are enterprising, efficient and make customer acquisition and retention easy. We are committed to reducing electronic waste globally by driving sustainable business growth through innovation, empowerment and ethics. 

Customer Values



Through customer engagement we aim to be transparent and build relationships that grow and develop over time.


Our innovative solutions tried and tested processes make recycling and re-commerce easy for our customers. Providing a reliable and experienced solution.


A global leader in the provision of high volume value recycling and re-commerce solutions for a range of hand-held technologies across the operator retail, consumer and business wireless landscape.


Track Record

Cell Base has been Committed to set the highest bench-mark in the electronic industry. With outstanding achievements we thrive to constantly hold that number 1 position.

Our certifications include the following:

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

ISO 27001 information security management

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